Proposition 122 Results- Colorado Legalizes Magic Mushrooms

Proposition 122 Results- Colorado Legalizes Magic Mushrooms

written by: Kim Koehler

Sun and Silo Founder

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Colorado becomes the second state following Oregon to do a statewide decriminalization of magic mushrooms containing psilocybin. 

The possession and use of certain psychedelic plants and fungi is now decriminalized for people 21 and older, and the state will create new regulations for the distribution and administration of these substances.

The burning question is if people can legally by shrooms. The short answer is no. The measure does not provide for retail sales of such psychedelic plants and fungi.[1]

People can consume, share amongst friends, and grow for personal use, but one will not simply be able to start large retail operations.

That will likely be years down the road if it even happens.

Functional Mushrooms known for their adaptive properties (ie natural mood regulating benefits, and nootropic properties which support cognitive function) have always been legal. Sun and Silo sells multiple products in the functional space and is pushing for the full legalization of psilocybin for microdosing treatments for anxiety and depression.

While functional mushrooms, do not have psychedelic properties, they do have many benefits, including improved focus and concentration, and mood improvement. 

Lion’s mane mushroom, a key ingredient in many of Sun and Silo’s products, is showing great promise in clinical trials for repairing neural pathways in brain injury patients.

Proposition 122 decriminalizes the personal use and possession (for adults age 21 and older) of the following hallucinogenic/entheogenic plants and fungi, which are currently classified as Schedule I controlled substances under state law:[1]

  • dimethyltryptamine (DMT);
  • ibogaine;
  • mescaline (excluding peyote);
  • psilocybin; and
  • psilocyn.

Anyone who completed a sentence following a conviction related to the personal use or possession of such psychedelic plants and fungi will be able to file a petition asking a court to seal the record of the conviction.

Proposition 122 will also:

  • create a natural medicine services program for the supervised administration of such substances;
  • create a framework for regulating the growth, distribution, and sale of such substances to permitted entities; and
  • create the Natural Medicine Advisory Board to promulgate rules and implement the regulated access program.[2]

“While the intention of Sun and Silo is to help connect people with psychedelic treatments eventually, we will continue educating the population on the benefits, and continue providing functional mushroom products until that glorious day comes.” Kim Koehler


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